So a lot of my followers on #facebook have been writing to me and constantly enquiring about the ‘AkaashKandeel’ it’s the Marathi name for the Diwali lantern  

My mother used to make the AkaashKandeel at home with crepe paper and wooden sticks at home by hand. Each year we had a colourful lantern fluttering in our balcony with a bright bulb fixed into it, this particular design is totally a Maharashtrian thing. If you have seen this design in a foreign land other than Maharashtra, you know it is a Maharashtrian household 😊😊😊 This is my humble attempt and my best yet to recreate this age old design in a 2D model handcrafted in original#stainedglass I hope you like these 😬😊😊.

The stained glass AkaashKandeel is a suncatcher and can be hung in your balcony and it will reflect the sunlight all day long and artificial light at night 😊Lets bring the tradition home, handcrafted lovingly on glass.

Write to me for prices. These come in 2 colour combinations.


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