Glasshopper is all about reviving the rare art of 'Original Stained Glass' (Tiffany style) in Bangalore. From shining sun catchers to massive door panels and from corporate gifts in all sizes and shapes to stunning Tiffany styled glass lampshades.

The common thing that binds all these creations is the intricate lead work that fuses the glass pieces together in over 200 shaded, colored and textured glass. Started in 2010 in Bangalore, Glasshopper has already beautified homes, work places, restaurants and various stores with its unique and exclusive work.

Glasshopper is focused at innovating through new designs for charms and all the commissioned work. Everything that is made at Glasshopper is handmade and hence allows for customizations through different color combinations, sizes and shapes. Glasshopper encourages customizations as it brings together new ideas and all are welcome to our beautiful studio in Indiranagar to discuss, experiment with them to create more stained glass and spread love.

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  1. Very happy for both of you Mayur and Saa! Keep doing better and better every day as you do always… This glasshopper fan will always be with you… God bless and love you…

  2. Hi.. I am looking at potentially getting a window in my house glass painted (translucent).
    Window size (2 panes, each of: 47.5*27.5 inches).
    Something basic, flowers and sky is what I am looking at, just to keep neighbors from looking in.
    I have no idea about this- Before we proceed, and spend time iterating and understanding, both yours and mine- I’d really appreciate it if you could share a approximate of how much this could cost- time and money wise, please? I stay in HSR layout, if distance is any factor.

  3. actually i need your contact number for purchase something bulky
    am from kerala the jd Contact Number is wrong Musammil

  4. Saarus, it was a pleasure talking to you at KG fest today. Your art pieces are not only beautiful but very unique. You have totally inspired me. Would love to attend your workshop in Mumbai.

  5. Hi,
    I visited your stall at KGAF. When I met you guys there I was told that I could send you guys a picture of a map and you could make a pendant out of it. Is it still possible? Kindly let me know.

  6. Hi there! Im an independent jewellery designer, specializing in hand crafted silver jewellery. Just wanted to know if you could customize a few stain glass pieces for me, which i could set in pure silver/gold?
    Hope to hear back from you at the earliest.

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