Butterfly tea-light holders for your Home

The story of my butterfly wall tea-light holders goes back to 2009. I was a fresh student/ artist of stained glass work and I had made a 2D version of a one sided butterfly in stained glass. In December 2009, when the management at Olive Beach restaurant (Wood St. Bangalore) called me for their Christmas decor, they were keen on having tea light holders on their wall opposite the bar and as I got busy suggesting design for the same, the manager there asked me if I can convert the 2D butterfly into a 3D design and give it a small flat glass piece at the back to keep the candle, and I was thrilled at the idea.

‘This’ is the design I made then, about 12 butterflies were made and put up at Olive Beach 🙂 only to have put aside later, as this is a tedious and mathematical design to be honest. Re-introducing these butterflies once again, after my friend and my photographer @Suchi insisted that this must be re-crafted and believed in the design.

Here I am, introducing these first batch at the beautiful store ‘Timri’ in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Come, see it for yourself 🙂

Times of India – WhatsHot.in features Glasshopper

Glasshopper is featured in the The Times of India’s online edition – ‘What’s hot .in’ Bengaluru edition 🙂

#CitySecrets: A Studio In Indiranagar For Stained Glass Goodies.

To the point: Glasshopper is reviving the art of stained glass with door and window panels, lamps and then using the remainder of shards and pieces for mosaics, windchimes, suncatchers, broaches and more.

Sarus Nirhali left the drab courtrooms a few years back and moved to the colourful world of stained glass. Working from a cute studio in Indiranagar, Glasshopper is all about reviving the rare art of Tiffany-style original stained glass in Bangalore.

Read more here.

Thank you Kanika for the feature.

Brooch is a sell-out and now introducing Dragonflies

Brooch! is a sell-out!!

It’s NOT just a decorative pin, it’s a personal style. The most versatile yet under-utilised accessory, here is my humble attempt to bring the brooches back into fashion. I have hand crafted these in bold colours and patterns, in original stained glass and in the most unique designs of which these are the first pattern that I am unveiling.

While most of the jewellery and accessory is intended to be used in a specific way, the possibilities of placing the brooch are endless

My friends and me found some styles of ‘How to wear it’ and now it’s your turn to make it a part of YOUR style.

Because…. ‘Placement is the key

Photographs by – Suchi Govindrajan, Style guru – Nivedita Barve & Suchi Govindrajan

I was anxious and at the same time nervous about how well the bird brooches would do with everyone following my work when I first made these.

After many trials and failed attempts, I was happy with the product design which was appealing and strong at the same time. The anxious ‘me’ made 250 brooches in one go and I am thrilled to share that it has been a sell out!!!!

I started making another batch day before yesterday as I must take these for my upcoming exhibition on Sunday, the 28th May 2017 at the Bold creative, Indiranagar and also send some to the gorgeous store ‘Timri’ in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Thank you!!!! To all of you who wrote to me and bought the brooches in numbers, for yourself and for your friends and family.

But the brooches are not over yet. I shall start making the next batch from Monday, and you can still select the colours and place your orders 🙂

Now… as you can see the Dragonflies here which is my newest design at Glasshopper 🙂 The design has a story of its own and I shall share it soon. It’s an original design and before I roll them out on my website for purchase, I have made a small number for Timri and for my Sunday exhibition. It has over 20 colour combinations and it’s a stained glass jewel for your gardens and balconies.

The fabulous store Timri where I have been displaying and selling my artwork for more than a year now is exhibiting at VR MALL Bengaluru as a part of the OWC summer bazaar, Sunday, May 28th 2017 from 11am to 9 pm.
I am introducing and launching my very first batch of ‘dragonfly’ garden sticks and of course the ‘bird brooches’ and many other things
Whitefield junta please go grab some awesome jewellery and accessories from Timri and also Glasshopper stained glass 🙂 🙂

That’s not all !!!

I am exhibiting my work at ‘The bold exhibits’ coming Sunday, May 28th 2017. It is one of the best curated event that Bangalore is all set to witness. Such amazing artists, designers and film makers have become a part of this fantastic event that you cannot afford to miss. The event has been featured in ‘The Hindu’ on May 27th and talks about all the exhibitors participating at the bold exhibits

See you on Sunday and wait for more individual photographs and the story in the upcoming week.

Bangalore, hope to see you at the Bold exhibits 🙂

Glasshopper at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2017



Glasshopper is thrilled to be part of one of India’s biggest arts festival. Even bigger is the fact that it would be the first time original stained glass would be featured at this event. It is a big moment for us.

Here are some of the designs that I am launching at this festival and look forward to taking them to the #HTKGAF17 audience.


The 2D birds are back as garden sticks. These lovely birds will beautify your garden and balconies. Use them in the pots or stick them into the earth in your lovely gardens. Available in various color combinations.


These are tiny butterflies that I have made in over 30 different colours.
You can wrap these up anywhere you wish to. On a branch of a tree, to a rod, on a window pane, just anywhere. The long copper wire won’t be seen at all

Vintage map pendant – available in different sizes and for various custom locations.

So glad that ‘Glasshopper’ is mentioned and written about in the ‘inside story‘ Of the KGAF 2017.
Thank you Bhavia Thakkar for choosing my work in your write up

The Hindu also featured us as one of the 3 dark horses for the #HTKGAF17, do read!

See you at the stall. Join the handmade movement and spread love!


Glasshopper at Unfactory

Unfactory dot hexagon unit black


While I am still on my learning path, on a path where I try, experiment, create, chuck things off and re-create, sometimes beg for help from friends and family for ideas, resources and much more, the lovely team at Unfactory decided to visit me and feature me on their blog.
This indeed is A dream blog, every artist waits for in his/her career.
Thank you for this magical blog and observation Yamini and team Unfactory Marissa Dsouza, Anupama Bharadwaj, Ashok and Mohit 🙂