Sold-Out at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2017

It’s the first time ever that I decided to take the plunge and take my work outside Bangalore, my comfort zone.

It was a late decision, I had a few dozen things in stock that I had made for a bazaar but for some reason I could not attend it. Plus I was super excited about doing what I truly enjoy, the larger, much bigger stained glass door panels. But then I wanted my work to travel and I chose Mumbai and Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.
The day I went for the interview with my products, the love, warmth and confidence I received that day is unforgettable, the panel was waiting for me, they had seen my website and were welcoming and warm, at the end of the interview the products that I took with me were purchased by a panel member.

The event itself was overwhelming and 1400 plus handmade stained glass products that we made were sold out one day before the last day of the exhibition.
All this and the final sell out would not have been happened without our friends and family, it would have been an impossible task altogether.

The photographs below say it all that happened on Saturday 11th February 2017 at my stall.

600 630  730soldout

I made 600 birds and I am overwhelmed, not just by the sale, by the re-re-re sale to the people who kept coming back twice/thrice to buy more to gift their family and friends 🙂

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GlassHopper was featured as one of the 10 ‘Fresh Fantastic Makers You Can’t Miss’ at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

10 Fresh Fantastic Makers You Can’t Miss At The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2017

Model/Actor/YouTuber Vaibhav Talwar features Glasshopper as his favorite stall at #HTKGAF17 in his video blog that beautifully covers the entire event, Thank You!


ABP Majha Ghe Bharari – does an exclusive video on Glasshopper at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. This was aired on ABP Majha on Feb 13, 2017 and you can watch the video online now.

#THANKYOU #MUMBAI and the #HTKGAF for all the warmth and support.
Gratitude and love towards everyone who stopped by, bought my work, appreciated and extended best wishes.