Glasshopper thrives on creativity and innovation around Stained Glass and Mosaics. All the products are born out of ideas and experiments by the Glasshopper artist and in collaboration with many distinguished artists. Products are made of imported pre-colored glass and are available in variety of color combinations. They are readily available to buy from our partners such as Timri, Unfactory, myBageecha, none of them are sold on this website. This page is a product catalog of all the Glasshopper products.


You would have already figured, Glasshopper is all about handmade and customization is highly encouraged/recommended. It fuels creativity and innovation. So, if you have any new idea/customization in mind, Glasshopper would be happy to work with you. Do write to me or call me if you are looking to do more with these products.

So, Here we go - the products we make are as per below.